Thursday, December 20, 2007

Missoula updates

Greetings to fellow photographers everywhere from Missoula. Yes, I'm still here and my beard continues to grow (as does my belly). I'm not sure I'm up for blogging, but somebody said come on in the water's fine. As a rank beginner, I will accept any and all advice.

My camera still goes with me everywhere, and I continue to shoot anything which catches my interest. I walk, schmooze and network as people propose subjects to photograph and offer to buy any good ones. I'm getting pretty good with the camera and with Lightroom, but I am way behind on the business angles. I don't even have a business card or leave behind to go with delivered photos. Not good.

On the business and technical aspects, Heather Y is getting very good due to working hard and getting lots of experience. Her new leave behind cards are exquisite. Ian is mastering b&w film and as Marcy says, "getting the tonal quality down." Bear is still around and I see him every Friday night at the Irish folk music jam at the Celtic Connection. The owner, Michelle, bought some images from me to use for advertising, and I created an album of musicians and listeners for the store, as well. Kelly lives in the next building over from me, is working for a veterinary and is building a darkroom in her apartment.

A.K. returned from Peru and went first to New Orleans then Charleston where she will be through the holidays. AJ will spend xmas with Kalee in Sandpoint, before coming to Missoula for New Years.

Neil and Forest opened a joint father/son show at the gallery. They were glowing and so was Jean at the First Friday opening. Neil's photos are from an article in the current Montana Quarterly about the Hutterite community and the nearby one-room schoolhouse. Forest is showing some of his New Zealand landscapes. Great stuff!

Is it rude to write long accounts on a blog? Maybe I should stop for now.

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OllieT said...

Thanks for the update, those of us not fortunate enough to still be in Missoula appreciate the news.
Would love to see postings from the rest of our groups to catch us up on what everyone else is doing.