Thursday, August 30, 2007

Shooting People

Will usually get you arrested.

However, when shooting them with Cameras, about the only thing I can recommend is to get them comfortable before you even point the camera at them. Try to get them chatting about something they are passionate about (A hobby, a child, a pet, a job, whatever). Only start shooting them once they are relaxed and comfortable. the passion you got them talking about will show up in their posture, they eyes, in pretty much everything.

The big trick, as I understand it (realize I'm parroting what I've read, mixed in with some good old fashioned psychology) is to make the person *want* to be there. So give them a reason to be in the studio and happy.

Best of luck to you


Any suggestions...?

Hey guys! :D I'm still here in Missoula. I'm doing the documentary photo class now. It was fun the first day because I actually got some good studio shots! That was a first, as you probably all know how much my shots in Allison's class were... well, lacking a bit... Anyway, now it seems (after that first day) that I get stuck with the people that are hard to work with. They don't really want their picture taken, they don't want to smile or do anything but stand stiff, and they don't even seem to want to be there. They are even hard to get talking... AACK! Anyone have any suggestions for taking pictures of people outside of the studio? Even anything would be helpful... I was so glad to hear from you guys. How are things on everyone else's ends?
Hey Everyone!!

Ollie I am sooo happy that you started this blog!!!! you are awesome! I miss Missoula and all of you very much, it is quite different to get back to our "real lives"! Everyone keep in touch!

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Welcome to the Group C & D blog. I hope everyone will post so that we can all stay in touch.